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Capt. Cass'
Meaning of Life

This is a short version of the Meaning of Life.


There is a "Being" that exists eternally alone. Call it the Creator. It is the only Thing that really, actually, exists, and It is made of nothing but Its own Self-awareness. All else is Its illusion.

Fortunately it can imagine light and a world made of that light to pass Its time in.

It distracts Itself from Its eternal loneliness by creating this world and losing Itself here incarnated as Its various Lifeforms.

WE are the Creator in Its Heaven here.

So is your dog.

The most important "other" to one eternally alone is a "loving other", so It makes us male and female. It is not both sexes, It has no sex. It is pure Life, or spirit, and is made of nothing.

The world is centered around loving others creating more loving others in the form of our children.

We are meant to live the healthiest, fullest, happiest lives possible given the challenges It presents us/Itself to keep life interesting.

It has given a Lot of thought about how It has set up the world, and one should just have faith that the Creator will create the world in the most appropriate manner.

We participate in the creation each instant by reacting to it and through our prayers, hopes, dreams, aspirations and fears, and can actually "faith" things into being and precipitate miracles. The world is actually manifested out of light for us as we live in it. Its solidity is only a necessary illusion, as are our bodies.

For a fuller explanation from a man (me) who learned to wash his hands in acid at the age of 22, and for what this meaning of life implies for all of us, please visit my Symbol of Unity site by clicking on any meaning of life link or the "Main Site" link below.


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