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Want Them To Initiate The Sales Conversation?

Our Personal Programmable Lighted RED LED Marquee Advertising Scrolling Name & Text Badges And Scrolling Signs Will Do The Job!


Welcome!     This is THE PLACE for Scrolling LED Badges & Signs

Our Programmable Scrolling Marquee Badges and Signs make great gifts for all ages. They are fun, easy to program, and are self-contained so no computer is needed! But that is just a point we want to make early before we get on to more important things!

Need something larger? Check out our
Scrolling LED Message Signs!


If you have a message to get out, our Scrolling LED Badges and Signs are the most effective way to do it!

Sports Fans!
Root for your favorite team everywhere you go!
Change your message with the sports seasons!

If you wear our Programmable Digital LED Badge, every person who sees You will also see your ad! No more stumbling around trying to figure out how to start that awkward sales conversation,
They Will Ask You about your product or business when they see this scrolling badge!
BOOST YOUR SALES with our programmable personal marquee badges!

Great for Weddings, Conventions, Birthday Parties, Political Gatherings, and Direct Sales!

You can program our LED Scrolling Badge as many times as you want! It is self-contained so you don't need a computer or any cables or connections! Program up to 50 characters, anytime, anywhere!

Other scrolling advertising badges have a high dot matrix, like 7 x 21 or more. These high matrix badges have 147 small LED lights or more, which are much more difficult to read. Our programmable LED badges have a have a low, 5x28, dot matrix, with only 140 big lights, making it much easier to read, even at a distance.

If you want a high quality Digital Programmable LED Scrolling Badge, do not judge it by its price or capacity. A "good quality" scrolling badge is bright and easy to read. Our personal electronic badges hold more LARGE characters per screen!

Also, our electronic badges attach with a magnet so you are not poking holes in all your clothes like other scrolling badge models do!

Get Up To 20 hours On A Single CR2032 battery           TWO Batteries Included!

  • No Computer Required!
  • 50 Character Message!
  • Small, 5 x 28 matrix!
  • Easy To Read!
  • 5 Scroll Speeds
  • 6 Function Keys
  • 6 Character Screen!
  • Easy to Follow Instructions!
  • Two Batteries
  • Single Powerful Magnetic Clip, No Cumbersome Pins!
  • Smaller Than a Credit Card!
  • Slim design!
  • Low Consumption Bright RED Light Saves Money!
  • Programs via 6 convenient buttons on back!
  • Programs via 6 convenient buttons on back of badge!

    Use the up/down buttons to scroll back and foward through the character's then press set button. If you make an error just press cancel. When you have your message selected just hold down the set button to lock in the message and then select your scrolling speed. Easy & Fast programming!

    Put Your Promotion In Motion!
                        Put Your Promotion In Motion

  • Ideal for advertising and promotions!
  • Use as a personal name tag during functions!
  • Great for Weddings, Concerts, and Parties!
  • Perfect for any sporting events - encourage the team and fans with a custom message!
  • Excellent for trade shows and conventions. Attendees and booth exhibitors use this as a
       customized billboard!
  • People will come from across the room to read your message!

  • A good scrolling LED badge or scrolling LED sign is your chance to win business.

    The easiest way to promote your business is to let people know you're there, and the fastest and easiest way to get attention for your business is a scrolling LED badge or

                     Get Noticed, Get Remembered, and Get The Business
                              Using the Scrolling LED Badge or

    People search the Internet using a lot of different key words because these scrolling badges and signs are HOT and they WORK! People are searching for scrolling badges, scrolling signs, LED badges, LED name badges, scrolling LED signs, programmable LED badges, scrolling text badges, programmable signs, LED scrolling message badges, LED name tags, banner badges, personalized signs, marquee signs, scrolling marquee signs, digibadges, scrollers. streettagz, so on.
    Why so many? Because they work!

    Use it to advertise your business, products, services, website, or just give it as a great gift!

    Great for cashiers advertising specials, bank tellers advertising services, bars, real estate agents, waitresses, conventions and conferences, clubs, direct sales vendors, workshops, birthdays, weddings, all sorts of parties, and even teachers!

    Put a
    Scrolling LED Sign in your store window

    Scrolling Signs work great in cars and trucks!

    GET noticed, GET remembered and then you GET the business.

    We are built on (and driven by) the principle of approachability.

    Approachability establishes comfort, creates connections, and builds trust.

    So Put Yourself Out There and get them to come to you!

    Just Use Your Imagination!

    Multiple colors on scrolling badges are not good because all other colors but red greatly reduce battery life down to as little as 4 or 5 hours! Blue uses twice as much power as Red, and White uses twice as much power as Blue! Our Super Bright Red scrolling badges use the least power, are brighter, and are the easiest to read!

    Our Digital Badges run for up to 20 hours on a single, inexpensive, CR2032 battery and you get 2 with your Scrolling Badge order!

    Long messages detract from a scrolling badge's effectiveness because people do not have that long an attention span. You want to keep it brief and effective and we designed these Digital Scrolling Badges to be as effective as possible! With our personal badges you get Bang for your Buck!

    Our Scrolling Badges display 6 characters at a time compared to 4 or 5 on other personal programmable badges!

    Our large single magnet works better than other's scrolling badge's multiple smaller ones!

    Our Scrolling LED Badges are smaller than the competition's, actually smaller than a business card!

    Some other Scrolling Badges require you to program them using a computer! Our's is self contained! Program our badges anywhere, anytime, in just seconds!


         Don't be fooled by a lower price, different colors or a longer message!

         Don't pay more for features you do not need or want!

         Don't pay less for inferior scrolling badges that don't last!

             You have found the BEST, Most Cost Effective, Easiest to Read and Program, Programmable Scrolling LED Advertising Badge for the Best Price here!

                                          ORDER NOW BELOW!

                         ORDERS USUALLY SHIP WITHIN 3 to 5 Days!


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    72 BADGES
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    144 BADGES
    $9.50 Each

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