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Please note: I am not a "Unitarian" or member of any particular faith.

If you do not have a faith you follow, and want a way that is true, this is my way.

1) Clean your teeth thoroughly at least once a day. Bad dental health leads to all kinds of problems including heart disease and death.

2) Clean your hands before eating and after using the toilet. Also clean them frequently when you have been in public places touching surfaces others have touched, like the handles on shopping carts.

3) Disinfect household surfaces frequently, especially once disease has entered the house.

4) Eat a healthy diet as prescribed by the "Food Pyramid" developed by the United States government. Especially avoid the intake of fats and eat only lean pork.

5) Eat "red" meats no more than twice a week and eat them in moderation. This reduces the risk of gout, cancer and heart disease.

6) Cook pork "well done" and red meats to 150 Degress F and poultry to 170 degrees F.

7) Do not serve your cooked meats on the same plates the raw meat was on.

8) Do not use the same utensils you used on the raw meat on your fruits and vegetables to avoid contamination.

9) Eat sweets sparingly to avoid diabetes.

10) Eat processed meats like bacon sparingly to avoid gout. If you eat bacon, trim the fat before you cook it.

11) Indulge in the world only in moderation. Even too much water or air can kill you. Avoid excesses in food and drink and do not partake of refined drugs except those prescribed by a physician.

12) Be chaste before marriage and practice fidelity after marriage. Do not engage in promiscuity. Promiscuity spreads disease, including deadly disease, and will lessen the importance of sex for you. Sexual intercourse is the way you participate in the creation by bringing new life into the world. By the same token, do not engage in anal or oral sex. If you doubt the filthiness of anal sex, stick your finger in your anus and then smell it. Oral sex infects the mouth with bacteria that will cause gum disease and the loss of teeth and other health problems. If you doubt this, research the bacteria present in and around the sexual organs.

Do not rely on "safe sex". If "safe sex" worked we would not have the STD epidemics we have.

13) Respect your marriage and your spouse. Life is easy for neither of you because just being is not easy. Divorce is only acceptable in cases of adultery, (as an unfaithful spouse threatens your life and the lives of your children through the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, or STDs), extreme brutality, mental disease, incapacity through devastating illness, or imprisonment for an extended period. In the event of incapacitating mental or physical disease, the spouse is still reponsible for the care of the incapacitated spouse.

Your marriage is in your children and it is imperative you remain married for their welfare. Once married, the welfare and happiness of both spouses becomes secondary to both the needs of the children and the general welfare of society as a whole.

After the children have grown, you owe each other to maintain your respective roles and to set an example for your children, lest you be alone in old age and have no one to care for you.

14) Enter into a marriage contract that makes clear under what terms divorce is acceptable and what the terms of divorce will be under different circumstances. It must be clear that this contract supercedes all laws enacted by the state.

15) Upon waking, indulge your holy spirit and love the Creator, asking It to bless your endeavors, your day, your spouse and your children, and ask It for whatever else you want. Thank It for what It has blessed you with.

16) Before you eat anything, thank the Creator for sacrificing Its life for you as that is what It is doing. Even a donut or candy bar contains what was once alive with the eternal life of the Creator. It has sacrificed Itself for you. For this reason, try to see to it that the Life you are taking was slaughterd as mercifully as possible.

17) Before you go to sleep, indulge your holy spirit and love the Creator, thanking it for your blessings and day. Ask It for what you want.

18) When you do others wrong, either deliberately or by error, strive to make right your wrong.

19) Strive to keep the Creator with you every possible moment of every day as an invisible loving Companion, as that is what It is. Love the Creator as much as possible with all your heart and soul.

20) Do not put your faith in the occult sciences such as numerology, astrology, etc. If you place your faith in them and they predict bad things for you, bad things will happen to you. Your faith is your divine connection and, if you place it in the wrong places, it will curse you.

21) Do not follow those who profess to talk to the dead or other-worldly beings like angels, or who pretend to predict the future.

22) Do not consult Psychics.

23) Do not believe in angels, demons, or devils. They are fictional imaginings. Angels and demons only come in the form of people. The Creator is full of bedevilment, accept it as such. It has Its reasons for bedeviling you now and then.

24) Do not pray to the dead, whether it be Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Krishna, or any other false diety or saint. There is but one Creator and It is the very Life within you that you commune with when you indulge your holy spirit. The Life that is creating you, your life, is the life of the Creator. You are what It is creating and living through.

25) Keep it simple. Indulging your holy spirit, and loving the Creator you find within, is the only way to enter the "Kingdom Of Heaven" and come to terms with your eternal life and ultimate loneliness. Do that, and when you see the answer to your prayers, you will realize you live in a world of light and that your Creator loves you.

26) Seek out others who follow this way and worship with them as a community. In this way you can be a part of a community of people who you can trust and who will help you in hard times.

27) Be not filled with self-righteousness. You are never righteous as you take the Life of the Creator each time you eat.

28) Do not look down upon your neighbors for their weaknesses, as you have your own. Only the Creator is perfect and the seeds of our destruction are sown within us all.

29) Do not expect a heaven after this life, nor a reincarnation. The Creator is in Its heaven here. It is the only One that is eternal and It does not want us living forever. Though the Life creating us, our very life, is eternal, our egos are not. The Life is the eternal soul, but the egos die with the flesh.

30) Rememeber that although we are of the Creator, and from the Creator, and that It is living here through us, we are not the Creator, but the created. So be humble in all your communing with the Creator.

31) WE are what the Creator is doing to pass eternity. It does not want a paradise as mortals perceive it, but full lives in every sense of the word. Eternity, afer all, is a very long time.

32) Love your neighbor as yourself, even the insect and tree, as that individual is also the Creator passing eternity in Its own way.

33) Respect all faiths whose core belief is in worshipping and loving the Creator. Though the truth might be clouded in them, their core is solid and true and they are striving for the blessed life, too.

34) Observe the Ten Commandments of Moses.

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